Handi Quilter Classes and Rentals

Finish your quilts here at the shop! Sign up for the “Great Beginnings” class to learn how to use our Handi Quilter longarm quilter, then you can rent it whenever it’s available!  Below are the three ways of using our machine.

1.  Great Beginnings class and same-day rental: Start your morning with the “Great Beginnings” class that will introduce you to our longarm.  An instructor will show you how to:

  • Load a quilt on the frame
  • Use the stitch regulator
  • Free-motion stitch
  • Roll your quilt on the frame
  • Wind bobbins

We provide the muslin, batting, and thread to practice on.  The cost is $60, and the class takes 2 – 3 hours.  Class is scheduled individually, usually starting in the morning between 8 and 10am.

On the same day as your Great Beginnings class, you will rent the machine to practice on your own small project (table runner, baby quilt, or lap quilt is recommended).  The instructor will be nearby to help with loading and stitching.  The cost is $20 per hour, plus the cost of the thread.

Once you take this class, you can rent our machine when it’s available.

2.  Pantograph class: Once you’ve taken the Great Beginnings class AND rented our machine two times, you can take our pantograph class!  Pantographs are printed designs that you follow with a laser.  Voila!  The pattern is stitched onto your quilt!  The cost is $60 for the class and includes the same materials as our Great Beginnings class.  Also bring a small project to practice on after the class for $20 per hour.

3.  Rentals: Rentals are scheduled on an individual basis.  The cost is $20 per hour, plus the cost of thread.  There is a 2-hour minimum.  A helper will be nearby if you need assistance with loading or stitching.

Call 865-4600 to schedule either the class or rentals!  There is a $25 deposit required to reserve your class/rental time slot.  If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, your deposit if forfeited.  Otherwise, your deposit goes towards your class/rental total fee.

Rental time is defined as time spent at the shop during the renter’s scheduled time and includes:

Preparing the quilt and backing, loading the quilt on the frame, selecting pantographs and thread, winding bobbins, searching for quilting ideas and practicing quilting designs, taking the quilt off the frame, trimming and squaring the quilt, and seam-ripping quilting stitches.

Please be on time for your scheduled class or quilting session.

Helpful Hints for a Successful Quilting Experience
  • Make sure your quilt top is pressed and any loose threads trimmed
  • Backing should be 6″ larger than your quilt top all the way around
    (Example: if your quilt top measures 48″ x 60″, your backing should be 60″ x 72″)
  • Use a good quality cotton batting, thick puffy polyester battings are not recommended!
  • If this is your first experience quilting on a longarm machine, we recommend you start with a lap size or smaller quilt.